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                           SPECIAL OFFER TO OUR CLIENTS:

  • Greeting Successful Businesses, in these times the future will belong to those that think outside of the box and Dare to Dream! There are endless possibilities we can create for ourselves and others. You can no longer open a store or a business and wait for someone to find you…
    foot traffic is not enough for people to see and buy your products or services.
    You MUST go out there and find them and let them know you’re HERE!
    You MUST have a marketing plan and system that will bring them to you w/ a click.


  • Home TEAM Magazine has created The Business Card Exchange initiative to help businesses
    connect with the consumer and reach the market place in and outside your neighborhood.

    We want to drive thousands of potential customers to you! In our ongoing efforts to make Home TEAM Magazine better, we have devolved a dynamic pilot program. By partnering with a few of
    our media and print partners… UpSizeToday Magazine and My Little Print Shop… we are able to offer you an awesome opportunity. Starting at Only $150 a month… you can be part of a coop campaign that pinpoints potential customers and drive them to your Store…to your social networks and websites creating a new client database for many years...
    You will reach over 10,000 potential customers directly with our printed Magazine mailed EDDM, our email campaigns, mobile apps and digital! Now you can stay engaged! 
    Go where the eyes go and meet your prospects where they want to be met.

 Submit Your Business Card or Photo Ad inside Home TEAM Magazine…
We’ll place your Ad inside the Centerfold of the Business Card Exchange section for Only $150 a month. You Will REACH OVER 10,000 PEOPLE Directly in their Homes and Businesses! THAT’S POWERFUL…

That’s like printing 10k business cards and having a street team to pass them out!

Call for special pricing 929-497-0809 or 347-879-2375
      or   Email: info@ (other sizes also available)

ACT NOW Deadline: ( Friday Aug 11, 20
23 All ads must be camera ready)
Let Us Put Your BUSINESS in the Street and Let New Yorkers Know You’re HERE!
Join Home TEAM Magazine, MyLilPrintShop and UpSizeToday…
Go to and Register for FREE.
Let Us Be Your Print and Media Partner!

Register and Join FREE

Complimentary Downloads

Welcome to UpSizeToday Magazine, where we believe that some of the best things in life are free!

UpSizeToday Magazine will like to offer you a Complimentary Membership to our Home TEAM Magazine where Downloads is a FREE, no risk, no obligations service. It is our desire to provide our loyal customers and new friends with some great ideas which will help you to build and sustain… a superior performance in all areas of their personal and professional life.

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